Centerline in Lubbock, TX, is all about offering solutions to clients near and far.
Civil Engineering in Lubbock, TX
Our skilled professionals offer customers a detailed understanding of local regulatory requirements and market conditions. Our expert engineers and surveyor are readily available to address the needs of our clients and will guarantee success towards achieving our client’s goals.

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Providing Land Surveying in Lubbock & More
We provide Lubbock and the metroplex with our full line of services. Hiring the right team with the technical experience makes all of the difference.

Lubbock, TX


Our clients recognize that effectively managing environmental and occupational safety and health risks is crucial for maintaining overall operational excellence.

Lubbock, TX


Creating practical and functional structures requires a blend of engineering expertise and creativity.

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We utilize technology to collect information, ensuring the highest quality land surveying services in Lubbock, TX.

Lubbock, TX


Our team of licensed professional civil engineers, with over 50 years of collective experience, are the most reliable and trustworthy in the industry.

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Our team uses the latest tools of the trade to fly and gather information.


Centerline in Lubbock, TX is situated off the west side of Upland Ave.

Centerline in Lubbock, TX.

Engineering done right in Lubbock
The function of an engineering property surveyor is a lot larger than merely setting out for the building of a structure and survey pick-ups. Our engineering surveyors are the professionals who initially take a look at a finished style for a project and will identify any style or practicality problems.

Centerline Engineering in Lubbock is FAA accredited and our sUAS pilots understand what it requires to pass the Part 107 certification exam. We have discovered sUAS to be a favored method to economically get images in locations where it would otherwise be impossible or cost-prohibitive to do so.

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