Published on: May 02, 2024
Engineering in Dallas Metroplex: The Incredible 635 LBJ East Project
We are proud to showcase Centerline's integral role in shaping the future of the Dallas Metroplex. Read our latest blog post about our contributions to the monumental 635 LBJ East Parkway Project.

A significant project is underway in the heart of the bustling Dallas Metroplex—the 635 LBJ East Project. Centerline is a partner in this ambitious endeavor, spearheaded by the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT). The project aims to revolutionize mobility, enhance operations, and fortify safety along an 11-mile stretch of Interstate 635 (I-635) in Dallas County.

Engineering in Dallas Metroplex

As part of the Independent Quality Firm (IQF) team, Centerline brings expertise in quality assurance Inspection, materials testing, and construction engineering services in collaboration with Pegasus Link Constructors (PLC) and PSI Intertek, ensuring the project progresses with unparalleled efficiency and efficacy. Centerlines’ mission is to ensure that every aspect of the project meets the highest quality standards, paving the way for seamless infrastructure acceptance and delivery to TXDOT.

Engineering in Dallas Metroplex

Investing in Community Resources

The scope of the 635 East Project is nothing short of monumental, with a staggering $1.74 billion investment fueling its progress. Stretching from just east of US 75 in North Dallas to I-30 in Mesquite, this expansive undertaking promises to reshape the transportation landscape in the region. Construction has been in full swing since breaking ground in the spring of 2020, with an anticipated completion date set for 2025.

Texas Clear Lanes Program

The 635 East Project’s significance extends beyond its impact on Dallas County. Designated by the Texas Transportation Commission, this project is a flagship initiative under the statewide Texas Clear Lanes program, addressing congestion in one of the most densely populated regions of the Lone Star State.

Innovation for Future Generations

At Centerline, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. Through meticulous quality assurance inspection, rigorous materials testing, and innovative construction engineering services, we stand at the forefront of the 635 LBJ East Project, driving progress and shaping the future of transportation in the Dallas Metroplex. As the cityscape evolves, Centerline remains committed to engineering excellence, ensuring that the 635 East Project sets the standard for infrastructure innovation for generations to come.